Our Services

Nucleus3 deliver the outcomes that Utilities and Telecommunications companies are seeking, a partner that has the best interest of their needs at the forefront of their focus and values. By partnering with our customers, we have established ourselves as a highly trusted company that assists organisations to drive and deliver strategic, business and operational value across all parts of their business including strategy, implementation and support. We have established a strong team of consultants who have extensive industry experience including:

Our Verticals

Industry Advisory

Business Process and Strategy
Real-Time System Engineering
Asset Management and Strategy
Change Management
Intelligent Grid
DR/Demand Management
Infrastructure Architecture
Cloud Architecture


ICT Management
Managed Networks
Network Management
Device Management
Mobile Device Management
Security Management
Analytics as a Service

Managed Services

Trusted Advisor as a service
Architecture on demand
Design on request
and opportunity
Business Case as a Service
Testing – Functional and Non Functional
Help/Service Desk – L1-L3
Cloud Hosting


Penetration Testing
Technology Selection
Analysis and Reporting


IOT Platform and enablement
Data Migration
Data Architecture
Data Strategy
BI and Analytics

Software Delivery

Custom Onshore Development
Custom Offshore Development
COTS solutions
App Development
Software Integration

Telstra Partner Services

  • IoT/NBIoT
  • Smart Networks
  • Smart Devices
  • Consultancy Services
  • Design Services
  • Cloud On Boarding Services
  • Training Services
  • Review Services
  • Project Management

Domain Expertise

Our domain capability consists of the follow service offerings:

  • Demand Management/Demand Response (DERMS) – Leveraging off the CLASS Framework we are able to analyse and evaluate your organisations current DERMS requirements, from both a product and business point of view and help you establish a strategy to help you drive the benefits of DERMS across your asset base
  • DERMSaaS – Leveraging from our industry partnerships, we are able to provide you with a flexible, configurable and agile platform that allows you to manage your DERMS needs to meet the demands of your asset and customers
  • BCaaS – We have established a service offering that will enable small to medium asset centric organisations like water or council authorities to establish a business case for smart meter or intelligent networks programs of work.

The focus with our domain capability is to work along side your teams to deliver value offerings that are of the highest quality, that can be implemented within your overall business, whilst eliminating the impacts that large programs of work can have on your operations and customers.

Project Management

Nucleus3 has a strong capability and expertise to deliver your program and project requirements. Our experienced consultants come from a broad range of industries and can be engaged from project/program discovery to initiation to delivery.

Digital Strategy


We can help plan a digital strategy we analyse:

  • The initial aims and expected returns

  • The background of the brand, present positioning and perception

  • The audience (broken down into key segments)

  • Audience locations and value of each audience segment against initial aims.

  • The planning stage deals purely in the analysis and identification of focus areas.


We can formulate your digital campaign by:

  • Planning campaign elements based upon previous analysis

  • Creating key performance indicators per channel and estimating expected return per channel

  • Design and build of campaign elements / channels

  • Planning and establishing actualisation routes, communication flows and expectations

The creation stage for each channel finishes on the launch of each channel.


We focuses on ensuring the delivery of the campaign, including:

  • Building the engagement timeline

  • Engaging with the audience through the engagement loop

  • Sampling progress through a campaign and optimising the campaign message

  • Recording salient information through each campaign step for evaluation


We will evaluate the digital strategy including:

  • Evaluating KPIs and fiscal achievement

  • Reviewing engagement and unexpected longer term benefits

  • Taking lessons on board to build stronger future campaigns

  • Scoring the strategy and the benefits that it has given

Nucleus3 Consultants

We help our customers successfully achieve their business outcomes.  Nucleus3 has proven capability in:

  • Strategy – ICT to Engineering

  • Consulting – Business Analysts, Project Managers, Advisory, Program Managers, Strategy

  • Operations – ICT to Engineering

  • Service Improvement – ITSM to Business Processes

  • Technology – From Data Centre to Cloud

  • Operational Technology – From Field to Control Room

Smart Grid Technology & Operational Technology

Nucleus3 has some of the industry’s best of breed consultants that can help drive your smart grid and operational technology needs. Our consultants have expertise from the field all the way to regulatory frameworks. Furthermore, Nucleus3 has a proven capability in smart grid technologies and associated implementations.


It’s simple with Nucleus3 White Label engagements.

  • We meet the skills brief 

  • Operate under your direction as our customer

  • Work to the values of your business.

We will not brand Nucleus3 to the business and we will not market or advertise the engagement. Our people operate and deliver across the entire value chain, from the IT helpdesk to program directors to management consultants giving strategy advice.